Grégory Cattaneo - verkefnalýsing

Frá goðorðum til héraðsríkja. Um völd í íslensku samfélagi á miðöldum
Thesis supervisors: Helgi Þorláksson and Dominique Barthélemy (Université Paris-Sorbonne)
This thesis proposes a reevaluation of Medieval Icelandic history through a comparative perspective. It looks to the period 1100 – 1300 as a whole timeframe witnessing a radical change in the formation of a proto-state. This change is similar to other parts of the medieval world and is known as the “framing of men into delimited spaces” (Fr. Encellulement). As a result, this period is submitted to a series of changes within the way power interacts and redefines society. This thesis observes new structures of power within the society, such as the diocese, the parish and the community. It also tries to understand the process of consolidation of power changing the chiefdoms into territorial lordships. Finally it proposes to consider the Church and the kingdom of Norway as important actors in these changes not only by putting an end to the Commonwealth period but also by integrating progressively Iceland to the feudal realm of Norway.

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